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✨We Like To Keep It UNORTHODOX ✨

Between the ages of four to seven are some of the most pivotal developmental years in ones life. Milestones like understanding discipline, simple math, sing songs, draw, and the alphabet... to name a few.

Butttttt, what would happen if we begin teaching these things little by little at as early as six months old???

That's what we do here at Brandie B Writes Songs!

It's quite unorthodox by musical standards, however, we have over thirty students who have benefitted.

Below are developmental statistics and stages according to

We take these important developmental steps and cater lessons and events around introducing and strengthening each (even if it doesn't pertain to music).

When learning. an instrument, there's WAY MORE than actually just learning the instrument!

In addition to discipline, schedules, practice, motor skills, music theory, and ear training, functional life skills are an absolute must so the foundation being built has depth and width that can be translated into everyday life.

Things like drawing, kindness, positive self-talk, writing, being comfortable in their own skin, creating boundaries, and learning that challenging things can be fun and obtainable!

We wanted to share more of what goes on during a lesson and events so you can adopt the projects and approaches for you and your child in an everyday learning environment.

Here are a few!!!!

  1. The Paper Plate Craft

--- Visually understand fractions, note values, currency, and music terminology ---

What you need | paper plates, three different colored markers, scissors (optional)

Approximate lesson length | 7 - 15 minutes

There are two different ways to you can do this craft!

  • The first way is to have the paper plate be the whole note.

  • Then take one of your colored markers and draw. aline down the middle so there are two halves on your plate. (Half Notes and two equal one whole note)

  • Then take another colored marker and draw a line perpendicular to the first line. (Four sections on your plate = quarter notes)

  • Then take a different color marker and draw lines perpendicular to each of those so you now have eight sections on your plate (Eight notes)

  • For more intermediate/advance level students, you can repeat this pattern several more times for sixteenth notes (sixteen sections), thirty second notes, and (sixty fourth)

  • The second way you can do this craft is where we have four separate paper plates.

  • Keep one plate whole (whole note), cut another plate in half (half notes), another plate cut into fourths (quarter notes), and another plate into eights (eight notes).

  • For each plate, draw and write the note and note value on each individual section.

  • With this, you can then piece in like a puzzle different notes and their values into the whole note!

2. Shaving Cream Craft

--- Dexterity, problem solving, teamwork, communication, drawing, music theory ---

What you need | shaving cream (any kind), a surface you don't mind get shaving cream on (like a table)

Approximate lesson length | 10 - 20 minutes

  • Add an ample amount of shaving cream to your chosen surface.

  • If you can, have participants in groups of two so they can discuss ideas and answers

  • You call out different flash cards for them to draw with their fingers. (I like to use these cards for beginners!)

  • Repeat this over and over until you've gone through your flash cards.

3. Cookie Craft

--- Creativity, basic music theory, baking basics ---

What you need | Cookie dough, an oven, and clean hands :)

  • Take your favorite kind of cookie dough (sugar cookie usually works best and then you can add topping right before you put it into the oven) and have your student/child shape the dough into different notes, rests, and musical signs - (for intermediate to advanced students, have them try clef signs!) by calling out a 'hint' to them

  • Discuss each musical cookie they shape then bake and enjoy together!

There are many more, but these are the top three our students have enjoyed over this last year! Try them out and tag us on social media and Google!!!

Happy Learning -

And remember, stay unorthodox :)

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