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Meet Our Owner

"I was put on this earth to serve, create, and laugh"

Her Story...

Hi, I'm Brandie 👋🏻

Trained by a Juilliard Master for 10 years, I became well versed in Classical and Jazz Music.

From age sixteen until twenty-four I had the privilege to be a director of music for several non-profits in Spain, Portugal, and Middletown, Ohio.

Although music has always been in my life, I decided to go into Conservation Biology and Global Leadership.... then COVID.

2020 (like for everyone) was a pivotal year for me and
I was laid due to the pandemic, but decided to do music full time.

I learned to produce and put my creations out into the world annnnd it paid off.

I was a producer and songwriter for a local studio, then became Studio Manager because I love helping others elevate to their highest potential and fall in love with the process.

As my own side hustles gained traction and I enjoyed the challenge of being an entrepreneur, I officially began Brandie B Writes Songs in November 2021.

Best. Decision. Ever.

Although I operate mostly virtual and local (lessons), I still get to collaborate in studios from Lansing, Michigan to Newport, Kentucky where I write, produce, sing, and teach.


Additionally, as a way to give back, I've had the huge honor to be the founder of Be The Light + Co..

BTL+C is an eco-conscious 'high-vibe' studiowear company where each month, a small group of producers, artists, designers, and songwriters get together and create items that enhance the music studio experience or overall creator.

15% of each purchase goes towards a charity assigned for that month. 

If you've read this far, I appreciate you and hope there's a way myself or my team can serve you in your musical creative journey!

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The Owner's Faves from Be The Light + Co.

Listen to her releases here


Let’s Work Together

Services Brandie Offers

  • Private Piano Lessons

  • Private Songwriting Lessons

  • Custom Production

  • 1:1 Coaching Calls

  • Music Theory Concentration

4416 Hawk Watch Way

Dayton, OH 45424

Tel: 513.289.2878

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Website Beat Banner_edited.jpg

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