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  • What ages do you teach?
    For piano, we begin teaching at 6 months and up! For other instruments, we can get you in contact with the instructor as it differs per child and instrument. Please call or text our business number of (513) 289-2878 with your name and child's age.
  • Do you teach other instruments?
    We have several instructors who are cross-trained and experts in fields! Piano Music Theory (Classical, Jazz, Gospel, and Pop) Guitar Saxophone Music Production Vocals (Male + Female Instructors)
  • What's a typical lesson plan look like for the first few months of learning?
    Whether it's yourself learning, or a child(ren) - we all want to know when we can play like a pro! We have a more 'relaxed' approach to instructing. Which means we will never be upset, angry, or disappointed if an adequate amount of practice did not take place in between our lessons. Our goal is for the student to FALL IN LOVE WITH MUSIC, not achieve perfection. We push the student to be and do their best; which looks different for every single person! Practice makes PROGRESS (not perfection) 😊 The more time a student dedicates to their skill and craft, the quicker they will progress. Below are our ideal lesson approach we use for the first 20 weeks.
  • Do you teach out of your home?
    We have three home studios we teach out of! Brandie's Home Studio 4416 Hawk Watch Way, Dayton OH 45424 Matthew's Home Studio 405 Windsor Park Dr. Dayton OH 45459 Michelle's Home Studio 552 Willow Creek Way, Troy OH 45373 Depending on your instructor, your needs, and budget, there is also an option for us to come to you or do virtual lessons (recommended only for adults)!
  • What do the first few piano lessons look like?
    Our very first lesson together will be making sure it's a great personality fit for the student and instructor! The first 5-10 minutes will be getting to know each other, establishing expectations, and going over what goals and affirmations are and why we use them. The remainder of the lesson(s) depends on length of time left and level of the student. Our main priorities in regards to building a strong musical foundation include... Knowing Left Hand from Right Hand Learning Finger Numbers Learning the Patterns and Notes (White Notes to Start) Beginner Flash Cards (treble clef, bass clef etc.) C Major and A Minor Scales with Correct Posture and Finger Positions. Once these are mastered, we begin bookwork, chording, and ear training and build skills from there!
  • Do I have to know how to read music?
    Absolutely not! You don't have to have any experience or knowledge before beginning any instrument or skill lesson with us. Even if your goals are outside of music theory and note-reading, we can customize our teaching approach to your interests and genre preferences. We do however include basic theory to everyone to make sure you have a strong musical foundation and we can communicate effectively to reach your goals! If your goals do include a more Classical music or Jazz approach, we will be more theory focused in our lessons and homework.
  • What does a typical lesson look like?
    We have options on how long an instrument lesson can be depending on the age/experience/attention span of the student and the instructor's recommendation. (See Picture) The student will begin with their goals and affirmations to get grounded and focused, then there will be an incorporation of - music theory, lesson book, fun pieces, recital piece/etiquette, flash cards, and/or music games.
  • I'm new here, where do I start?
    Welcome! We are a team of instructors located all around the Greater Dayton area and teach piano, voice, saxophone, guitar, music theory, music production, and life skills like goals, discipline, and positive self-talk. We ask that you read through our FAQ's and do not book anything without speaking to one of our team members so we can get you the best fit!
  • How often should I have a lesson?
    Weekly 15 minute to 30 minute lessons have shown to yield the best results as long as the student is consistent in their practice outside of our lesson time. If you're on a time or budget constraint, no worries! Bi-weekly lessons can be effective as well.
  • I don't have a piano or keyboard, can I still take lessons?
    Of course! You will need an instrument to practice on, but don't worry if you don't have one. We have a keyboard you can rent for $5/week. This is perfect for beginners who aren't sure if they want to stick with piano long-term! You can speak with your instructor to sign up for our keyboard rental auto-pay.
  • Do I need to get any books?
    Your instructor will let you know which book(s) to get and either send you a link or buy it on your behalf. Additionally, we use flash cards to reinforce theory concepts and terms we learn. Outside of your piano folder provided by your instructor, you will cover all additional materials needed. The great news is, books and flash cards sustain the student's learning for awhile. On average the cost of these items are between $10 - $30 per year. Once the student graduates out of the material, we offer a buy back option, so you receive some of your money back!
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