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Meet Matthew



Hey, I'm Matthew!

I’ve been playing various musical instruments for a number of years, Mainly piano (19 years) and guitar (17). I spent the first few years of my musical journey studying classical music, and quickly found an admiration for film and video game composition which, in a roundabout way, led me to an appreciation for jazz. 


I started getting into musical production around the age of 13, making songs on my friends laptop, and later working at various studios in the Dayton area, one of those being where me and Brandie first met ☺️ Gradually, over the years, I built up my own home studio where I now do most of my work now.

I also very much enjoy live music and have played in multiple bands across many genres such as rock, hip-hop, metal and pop, and occasionally perform as a solo act as well.


For me, music is one of the most powerful forces in connecting us to our humanity.

While I am a spiritual person, I don't necessarily consider myself religious, but I find that music allows me to tap into that sense of connectivity and oneness within the universe that we all share, in a way that no religion has ever been able to fully encapsulate. It allows me to express myself and discover feelings or emotions I might not otherwise have been able to experience or understand, whether that’s through the writing of my own pieces or through the learning of others. Being able to share that with others is a gift I'm eternally grateful for.


When not pursuing any sort of musical endeavors, I also enjoy spending lots of time outdoors partaking in many activities such as hiking, rock climbing, biking, and working on my family’s farm. Other hobbies of mine include, candle and soap making, botany (plants), cooking and building legos.


Let’s Work Together

Services Matthew Offers

  • Private Piano Lessons

  • Piano | Beginner - Intermediate

  • Guitar | Beginner - Intermediate

  • Music Theory

  • Production | Beginner - Intermediate

  • Etsy
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