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Piano Note Stickers and why we shouldn't use them!

You are about to begin learning piano and you're super excited!!!!

You order a keyboard, flash cards, a primer level book annnnd you see that stickers come with it. Yay!

Not so yay 🙃

As fun and informative these stickers can be, they're ultimately a huge weight upon your (or your child's) progress.

These stickers take the place of memorizing the notes themselves, and furthermore, the patterns on the piano; which is so incredibly important!

Soooo, if you have the chance to get these or they come with any musical purchase - don't do it 🙂

P.s If you notice that yourself or your child is having a hard time remembering all of the notes on the piano, just let your instructor know and we can either teach it a different way, and/or make it a priority during your scheduled lesson time!!!

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