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Meet Ann



I started piano lessons when I was 5 years old, and I took lessons until I was a Sophomore in high school.


During that time, I also began playing the alto saxophone in 5th grade and continued throughout college. I’ve also played in various orchestras and community bands around Ohio.


Music, in all its forms, is my love language!


My goal had always been to study music performance -  but life had other plans! I went on to obtain my Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and Psychology in 2007 and my MBA in 2018.  I am a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS) and I hold several certifications in Cryptocurrency Investigations.


As a classically trained pianist, reading music is like a 2nd language to me, but I found myself wanting more.


After so many years of playing the same pieces of music and not really developing my skills beyond that, I began searching for a teacher who could show me how to “improv.”


I began taking saxophone improv lessons in 2019, but that was short lived once Covid hit.


Coincidentally, in March 2022, I stumbled upon @brandiebwritessongs on Instagram after she commented on a post from my gym.


After stalking her profile (🙂), I saw a post where she spoke about having a moment where improv “clicked” for her.  I was searching for that “click, too!


I reached out to Brandie to see if she was willing to teach me, annnnnnd the rest is history!


Fast forward to today, and not only have I grown so much in my musical improv practice, but I am now teaching my own students how to read music, piano technique, and music theory 😀


Let’s Work Together

Services Ann Offers

  • Private Piano Lessons

  • Music Theory Concentration

She also works out of the owners Home Studio

4416 Hawk Watch Way

Dayton, OH 45424

Tel: 419-783-1238

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