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Worst Cooks In America Season 20 Complete Pack [2021]

AceShowbiz -A former "Worst Cooks in America" contestant may now deserve the title as the worst foster parent in the world. Ariel Robinson, who competed and won season 20 of the Food Network show, and her husband Jerry Robinson have been arrested for the death of a 3-year-old girl.

Worst Cooks in America Season 20 Complete Pack

Whether they competed on the red team under Anne Burrell or the blue team under chefs like Bobby Flay, Rachel Ray, or Robert Irvine, these competitors worked to become the best of the worst. Challenges to learn better knife skills, plating techniques, and types of food all are part of the journey to win Worst Cooks In America. This list includes the winners from the Worst Cooks in America celebrity edition. These celebrity seasons show us that even an icon like La Toya Jackson or a television personality like Jenni "JWoww" Farley can also be terrible cooks who have the ability to improve.

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In Season 6, Tommy came into the competition being quirky, artistic, light-hearted, and flamboyant. From the beginning, he started off with an ego and while this turned out to be arrogance, he quickly dialed down his overconfidence and became one of the strongest cooks of the season after a disastrous Pressure Test. Although he was able to succeed individually, he could easily fall apart whenever it came to team challenges as he would often be frazzled and disorganized while working with others, which led to his elimination. Due to his sense of humor and overall silly attitude, he was generally well-liked by the other home cooks, except for Katrina, who was the only contestant who was annoyed with his behavior, but usually for a self-absorbed, petty, or seemingly no reason for hating him.

Here, we rank all of the seasons of "Hell's Kitchen" from worst to best. The scores included here are the average scores for each season from IMDb. So read on to relive the lows and highs of "Hell's Kitchen."

First is the worst on this list, and Season 13 certainly qualifies for that dubious honor. Not only did the season lack an interesting group of competitors, the final black jacket group was weaker than usual. This season was also lacking in tension and drama, nor were there many surprises that shook the status quo of the show. All of this added up to a pretty unmemorable and lackluster season.

While the first season of "Hell's Kitchen" is not the worst season of "Hell's Kitchen," it's still not a terribly great season, either. Revisiting that inaugural season today is an odd viewing experience; the pacing of the show is not as refined as it is today, and the inclusion of Gordon Ramsay and Jean-Phillippe's confessionals during challenges and dinner services feels out of place, often being a distraction and lowering the tension of the episode's most important moments.

Well, according to former contestant Kevin Cottle, there is a backup plan in the event of these types of situations (which happen with remarkable frequency over the course of each and every Hell's Kitchen season). Cottle says that there are people you can sometimes see bustling around looking like a cleanup crew, but that isn't really their jobs. They're basically culinary ninjas, hiding in plain sight. These are backup chefs, ready to swoop in and complete a service whenever called upon.

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