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One Piece (Dub) Episode 405 ((LINK))

The eleventh season of the One Piece anime series was produced by Toei Animation, and directed by Hiroaki Miyamoto based on Eiichiro Oda's manga by the same name. The majority of the season covers the "Sabaody Archipelago" story arc, which deals with the Straw Hats preparing to enter Fishman Island by having their ship coated for undersea travel.[1] During their stay, they meet an old enemy Hatchan, his friends Keimi and Papaggu, and the first mate of Gold Roger, Silvers Rayleigh, as well as 9 rookie pirates known as the "11 Supernovas". In an incident involving the auction of Keimi, the crew and the pirates are attacked by top members of the Marines, including Bartholomew Kuma, one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea. The final two episodes continue the "History Drama Boss Luffy" story established in the fourth TV Special and featured in the ninth season.[2]

One Piece (Dub) Episode 405

The season aired on Fuji Television from December 21, 2008 to June 28, 2009 and consisted of 26 episodes. The first two DVD compilations of the series were released on January 7, 2011[3][4] with two individual volumes released monthly and the last DVD compilations were released on March 2, 2011.[5][6] This season's episode count and title were announced in the One Piece Movie 10 Guide Book, "One Piece-Pia".[7]

The season uses two different pieces of theme music. The first opening, a cover version of the first opening theme "We Are!" (ウィーアー!) by Hiroshi Kitadani, is performed by TVXQ, as "We Are! (Animation One Piece 10th Anniversary Ver.)", who also performs the season's second opening theme, titled "Share the World", starting with episode 395 onwards.

The anime has always been very faithful to Eiichiro Oda's work, making it one of the best long-running anime adaptations. As expected of an adaptation as good as One Piece, there are quite a lot of incredible episodes in the series that are worth rewatching.

Updated on March 8th, 2023 by George Voutiritsas: One Piece has been around for nearly three decades, and during that time, it has amassed more than 1,000 manga chapters, as well as over 1,000 anime episodes. One Piece achieved these milestones because it has an amazing story filled with action, humor, and heartbreak. It also helps that most of the characters are well-designed and very well-written. As good as One Piece is though, not every episode is a home-run. In fact, several episodes drag quite a bit, but the majority of them are great, and several are so well done that they deserve a rewatch. Most One Piece fans know what the best One Piece episodes are, and they know which episodes have great rewatch value, and the Wano Arc has added a few more episodes to that list.

Episode 278 is one that fans hold especially close to their heart, and it is easily one of the best episodes of One Piece's, as it delivered two of the most iconic moments in the entire story. The episode sees Nico Robin finish her story and explain to the Straw Hats why she can't return to the crew, to which Luffy responds by burning down the World Government's flag, her enemies.

Another powerful episode, One Piece's Episode 309 marks the end of the arc's biggest fight, as Luffy takes Lucci down. Despite being pushed beyond his limits, Luffy is able to deliver blow after blow with extreme ferocity, carrying the emotions and trust that Nico Robin put into him.

With a Jet Gatling, Luffy is finally able to defeat Lucci, thus freeing Robin from her enemies. What makes this episode doubly special is the animation for the finisher, which was handled by One Piece's finisher specialist, Katsumi Ishizuka.

One Piece Episode 312 begins with the Straw Hats sailing back to Water 7. In the previous episode, their ship, The Going Merry came to their aid and helped the crew to escape the Ennies Lobby Buster Call. They meet up with their friends at sea, and the already damaged ship immediately begins to break apart.

Quite possibly the most powerful One Piece episode before the time skip, One Piece's Episode 505 takes place after Luffy wakes up following Ace's death. Refusing to accept the reality, Luffy is, understandably, at his lowest.

With Luffy refusing to fight him, Sanji pummels his captain in hopes of driving him away and protecting both the crew and Zeff. The episode's ending sees Mayumi Tanaka pour her heart out in a determined Luffy speech as he tells Sanji he'll be waiting for his return, forever, as "Memories" plays in the background.

One Piece's Episode 870 is quite easily one of the most ambitious episodes when it comes to action. Directed and storyboarded by Kohei Kureta, who has a keen eye for action, Episode 870 takes Oda's Luffy versus Katakuri to the next level.

A legendary episode in every possible way, One Piece's Episode 968 concluded Kozuki Oden's journey with Gol D. Roger to the Final Island, Laugh Tale. The episode kicks off in a way that can only be described as exhibiting the very soul of the series as the Roger Pirates sing Binks' Sake.

Managing to get their hands on all the Road Poneglyphs, the crew members eventually make their way to the Final Island, which went on to become the stuff of legends. As put forward by Oden, "In the face of the vast treasure, which was very real indeed, Roger laughed." As the Pirate King laughed, every single fan cried as they witnessed what went down as One Piece's most iconic episode to date.

One of the most underrated yet powerful One Piece episodes, 877 marked the end of what is arguably the best arc in the New World, Whole Cake Island. The episode was directed by Toshinori Fukusawa and calling it a masterpiece wouldn't do it justice. With seamless transitions and OST that packs an emotional punch, One Piece's Episode 877 left most fans bawling their eyes out.

The episode sees the Straw Hat Pirates leave Totland, and Sanji and Carrot consoling each other over Pedro's death in a heart-wrenching yet warm moment. Pudding cries her heart out over being separated from the man she so dearly loved as he sails away with his crew, while Jinbe fights the Big Mom Pirates to protect his men who were prepared to die for him. Episode 877 ends on a perfect note, with Sanji feeding the crew he loves so much, paralleling Zeff, as he feeds thugs again.

One of the most awaited episodes in One Piece history, Episode 982 marked the return of the young director Megumi Ishitani to the series, who had previously directed episode 957. With Tu Yong-ce, Masahiro Kitazaki, and Keita Saito on the animation supervision, Episode 982 delivered a mini-movie in itself. From the mind-blowing action between the Straw Hat Pirates and the Beasts Pirates at the Torii gate to the incredible lighting effects put on as Luffy rose like a king amongst his crew, this episode left fans teary-eyed.

One Piece's Episode 957 was, once again, directed by Megumi Ishitani and she left no stone unturned in making this the greatest experience for a One Piece fan. Having graduated from Tokyo University of Arts in GEIDAI, the most prestigious animation program, it isn't a surprise as to why Ishitani's episodes are as special as they are. Episode 957 was her directorial debut in the series, and it is safe to say that she knocked it out of the park.

The episode depicted the dissolution of The Seven Warlords in the most cathartic of ways as the world held its breath. With big news breaking one after another, fans get no time to rest and are completely mesmerized by the episode. The episode is laden with seamless transitions, incredibly gorgeous photography and art, and character acting that fans aren't usually treated to in One Piece. One Piece's Episode 957 is a marvel and one that no fan will ever tire of rewatching.

One Piece Episode 483 may have not been the conclusion of the Summit War, but it featured one of the anime's most heartbreaking moments. The episode picks up immediately after 482, which ended with Admiral Akainu punching Portgas D. Ace through the chest with his magma fist.

Before dying in Luffy's arms, Ace looks back at his life and remembers his goal-to discover whether or not he deserved to be born. He thanks Luffy for loving him, and Luffy lets out a chilling cry that still stands out to this day. Director Hiroaki Miyamoto and animator Kazuya Hisada deserve a lot of credit for making this episode both gut-wrenching and beautiful.

Very few series have reached the 1,000-episode mark, and One Piece reached that milestone in 2021. Kohei Kureta directed the episode, while the art and screenplay were handled by Tongnian Chen and Shoji Yonemura respectively.

The episode shows Kaido and Jack taking on the Minks, and Inuarashi and Nekomamushi enter their Sulong forms for the first time. The nostalgia is what makes this episode so memorable, as the Straw Hats reflect on their past adventures, and it ends with the crew gathering together to take on the All-Stars and Tobiroppo of the Beast Pirates. It also includes an updated version of "We Are," One Piece's original opening.

Kaido and Big Mom are two of the strongest villains in One piece, which is why Luffy, Zoro, Kidd, Killer, and Law had their hands full. Episode 1017 saw the group continue their fight against the two Yonko, and it featured incredible animation thanks to Yong-Ce Tu.

The screenplay was handled by Akiko Inoue, and the stellar art was provided by Toshinori Īno. Each member of the Worst Generation gets a moment to shine in this episode, with Luffy, Kidd, and Law each unloading their best attacks on Kaido, who laughs it all off. Big Mom enters the fray later on, and she uses her powers to unleash a miniature natural disaster.

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