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Fucker Mate - Big Raw Debut - Koldo Goran And D...

Randy Junior debuted last November at Fuckermate when he topped Andy Star in his first scene. But now, two months later, he's back getting his cute little butt stuffed by Koldo Goran. But Goran's giant cock isn't the star of Office Pounding, Randy Junior is. And the adorably cute Colombian might just go down as the hottest guy Fuckermate has ever filmed. What do you think?

Fucker Mate - Big Raw Debut - Koldo Goran and D...


When Dylan Greene signed on for his debut with Fuckermate, the site wanted to do something big. Enter Koldo Goran and his nine-inch monster cock. It's been almost a year since the Spanish top has fucked on the site. He lies back and lets Dylan get used to the size of his meat. Dylan bounces on it until his hole is stretched wide open, then Koldo throws the boy on his hands and knees and fucks him silly.

For the first scene of 2019 we introduce you two new faces here on! Cuban black stud Ridder Rivera in his veins has blood that flows like hot like the sun of his homeland and we made him meet with French romantic mate Anteo Chara. Anteo with his big smile and his curled black hair may seem shy at first, but watching him in bareback action with Ridder will make you understand that what he loves most is a big black cock deep inside his smooth ass! -fuckermate-ridder-rivera-and-anteo-chara--teaser-540.mp4 041b061a72


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