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Desperate Housewives The Game Download Windows 7l !FREE!

For house building games like The Sims it is hard to look past My Sunny Resort which offers a free to play browser based (online with no download) alternative for fans of The Sims franchise. Focusing the player's attention on the management and growth of their own island resort you'll be given complete control over the finances, resort activities and most importantly designs of the individual guest rooms. From the basic decisions of choosing appropriate bedding, tables and accessories on your budget rooms to the glamorous and over the top decorations used to attract high value clients to your resort through premium rooms every item placement and design is up to the player in a similar fashion to the acclaimed Sims.My Sunny Resort features nearly 1,000 furniture items and decorations for players to mix and match as they desire allowing for the creation of unique and stunning resort rooms. All of these objects are slowly unlocked as you progress through the levels of My Sunny Resort and allow for the accumulation of Hotel Dollars from your visitors to reinvest back into grander resort designs. My Sunny Resort also features some basic need management for your guests based around having the correct buildings although not at the depth offered by The Sims.Important to note is that like many free online games My Sunny Resort requires Flash in your browser to run or alternatively the Upjers Playground browser installed on your computer. [Read Review]

Desperate Housewives The Game Download Windows 7l

With Adobe Flash ceasing to be supported in modern web browsers the number of games like Sims online (free, no download) has shrivelled in recent years leaving fans few options to enjoy a life simulation experience for free online. Unfortunately, City Girl Life suffers from the retirement of Flash as well however the game does live on through the Facebook Gameroom which for a small download grants access to City Girl Life and other Facebook games.Despite being a Facebook game City Girl Life captures some of the fundamentals of The Sims franchise such as avatar customisation, apartment decoration and needs management. For customisation players will be able to access hundreds of items to create their own style and upgrade their apartment from basic to fabulous by excelling in their artistic career path (7 total options).While juggling this career players must also balance their character needs of rest, hygiene, health, friendship and fun which are impacted by individual actions that are taken within the game world and are designed to encourage players to get out of their apartment and enjoy the city life in New York City.[Read Review]


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