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Kanojo Mo Kanojo Episode 4

A World Changing ColorsEpisode NumberOriginal air date4October 30, 2012KanjiRomaji色を変える世界Iro wo Kaeru SekaiTheme SongsOpeningEndingKimi ga Yume wo TsuretekitaDays of DashEpisode NavigationPreviousNextEpisode 3Episode 5Image GalleryList of EpisodesA World Changing Colors (色を変える世界, Iro wo Kaeru Sekai) is the fourth episode of the Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo adaption. It aired on October 30, 2012.

Kanojo mo Kanojo Episode 4

In the beginning of the episode, Sorata has started to pack his things, preparing to move away to the regular dorm. While he was packing, he remembers the moment he told Mashiro that he plans to leave Sakurasou. Afterwards, Mashiro has focusing all her spare time to finish her manga for the competition.

The first details about the DVD and Blu-ray release of the anime have been revealed. There will be a total of 4 volumes, with each containing 3 episodes, totalling 12 episodes. Each volume will also contain a special case, a booklet, audio commentary and a uniquely designed digipak. The Blu-ray volumes will retail for 9,900 ( US$ 89.90) whilst the DVD will retail for 8,800 ( US$79.90), including tax.

The episode begins showing a young Yomi Kasuga obtaining her own demon, then continues where the previous episode left off, with Tokine and Yoshimori battling the demon tamer Yomi. Her demon, Yoki, remains attempting to collapse Tokine's Kekkai and kill her as Yoshimori continues to try and break free from the rope that bounds him. He finally bites his gag off and uses his teeth to break the rope around his body and his wrists. He uses his Metsu to escape his prison, which was Yoki's back shell. As he jumps off Yoki's back, he uses Metsu to break Yoki's leg, the leg that's pushing down on Tokine's barrier. Yoshimori confronts Yomi, demanding that she take back everything she said about Tokio. She says that she was wrong, and it is he who is in her way, not Tokine. Mentally, she orders Yoki to stab Yoshimori with his tail, but he sees it on the corner of his eye and quickly dodges it. After he retreats to the outside of the woods, he hears the sound of Tokine's Kekkai barrier shatter, and is instantly afraid that she is dead. Before he could yell for her, she covers his mouth. He doesn't care about almost getting himself killed; he just asks if she's okay. Once she says she's all right, he's at ease.

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