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1940 Igor Kurchatov reports on nuclear chain reactions at Academy of Sciences, Moscow1940 September, Korolev moved to Tupolev sharashka on Radio Street, Moscow1941 22 June, Nazi Germany invades USSR1941 24 June, President Roosevelt pledges US aid to Soviet Union.1941 Klaus Fuchs offers to spy for the USSR; his case officer - Aleksander Feklisov1941 7 December, Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor US joins war.1941-42 NKVD chief Lavrenty Beria reviews captured information Nazi are planning atomic bomb.1942 Lona Cohen works in war plants; acts as clandestine courier.1942 USSR and Great Britain sign 20 year mutual assistance treaty.1942 August. Manhattan Project authorized. British agents inform Moscow of joint US-British project. Stalin informed. Operation ENORMOUS begins.1942 September, Ted Hall enters Harvard. Hall joins John Reed Society (named for American Communist and reporter buried by the Kremlin wall). Hall breezes through physics curriculum1942 September, Battle of Stalingrad.starts. Turning point in ground war.1942 December, Fermi conducts First Controlled Nuclear Chain Reaction in Squash Court at University of Chicago.1943 Spymaster Feklisov starts meeting Julius Rosenberg.1943 Venona Project starts trying to crack Soviet code (succeed by late 1948)1943 October, Harvard Professor recommends 18-year-old whiz kid Hall for Manhattan Project.1943 28 November-1 December, Stalin, Roosevelt, Churchill summit in Tehran, Iran1944 January, Hall arrives at Los Alamos. Issued security clearances without problem by War Department.1944 June, Korolev and entire Tupolev sharashka design crew freed; charges officially expunged. 1944 July, David Greenglass selected to work as technician at Los Alamos.1944 13 July, Winston Churchill ask Stalin's help investigating German rockets bombarding London. Stalin promises to personally have it investigated.1944 5 August, Soviet Rocket experts with British colleagues in occupied Germany/Poland investigate partially destroyed German rockets.1944 9-20 October, Moscow. Churchill meets with Stalin. Divide Europe into hypothetical spheres of influence. Agree to pursue joint policy in Yugoslavia..1944 Nov-Dec?? Hall gives Harvard College roommate Los Alamos secret document for transmission to Moscow.1945 Winter - Lona Cohen makes courier run for ENORMOUS1945 4-11 February, "Big Three" Roosevelt, Churchill, Stalin meet at Yalta set up occupation zones in Germany, agree to include non-Communists in governments of Poland and Yugoslavia. Discuss post-war spheres of influence.1945 5 March, Kurchatov reads ENORMOUS raw data on 'implosion' technique for A-bomb detonation1945 March-April, Lona Cohen meets ENORMOUS spymaster Anatoly Yatskov and backup Aleksandr Feklisov in NYC coffeeshop.1945 April, Russian experts systematic effort to collect German V-2 hardware, blueprints, engineers and technicians. Salvage destroyed parts from garbage.1945 April, publication of photographs of Buchenwald Concentration Camp in Life Magazine said to have profound impact on Los Alamos scientists.1945 April-May, Lona Cohen travels to meet Ted Hall on campus of University of New Mexico. Hides documents on A-bomb in Kleenex Box takes them back on train to ENORMOUS agents in NYC.1945 12 April, President Roosevelt dies. Vice-President Harry S. Truman sworn in as President. 1945 summer Korolev commissioned colonel in Red Army; flies to Germany to gather information and parts of Nazi Wernher von Braun's V-2 rocket program1945 9 May, War Against Germany Ends. Victory Day Declared.1945 13 May, Soviet national football (soccer) championship league resumes after war.1945 June, Klaus Fuchs transmits detailed report on Los Alamos developments1945 June, ENORMOUS courier Harry Gold meets David Greenglass in Albuquerque, N.M.1945 16 July, World's First Atomic Bomb Test, "Trinity" Alamogordo, New Mexico19454 July, Potsdam summit. President Truman tells Stalin, "We had a new weapon of unusual destructive force." Stalin nods head says, "Thank you."1945 August, U.S. drops "Fat Boy" Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima, Japan 8 August, Soviet Union declares war on Japan.19459 August, U.S. drops "Thin Man" Atomic Bomb on Nagasaki, Japan 14 August, Japan agrees to unconditional surrender.1945 20 August, Stalin orders Beria to chair a Special Committee under the Defense Committee to supervise all work on the use of atomic energy of uranium194523 August, Soviet consul in Tokyo inspects Hiroshima bomb damage1945 September, David Greenglass passes drawing Atomic Bomb lense designs to Julius Rosenberg for handing over to ENORMOUS agent.1945 6 November, First Public Mention of Soviet Atomic Program in Bolshevik Revolution Anniversary Speech by Stalin's lieutenant V. Molotov, "...we will achieve prosperity in our country. We will have atomic energy too, and much else!"194525 January, Stalin summons Kurchatov orders him "Build the bomb on a Russian Scale."1946 February, Cohens go inactive "cold storage" Morris enrolls in Columbia University Teachers College on G.I. Bill1946February, Canadian-style hockey rink set up in Moscow.1946 5 March, Winston Churchill makes "IRON CURTAIN Speech1946 25 December, Kurchatov supervises Physical-1 nuclear pile successful chain reaction.1947 Lona meets new Soviet agent at Bronx zoo. Returns to work as courier.1947 17 February, U.S. starts anti-Communist radio broadcasts into USSR CIA sponsored effort originally called "Radio Liberation from Communism/Bolshevism" Becomes Radio Liberty.1947 14 April, Stalin summons Korolev to meeting commission planning rocket development. Korolev reports time for Stalin ordered reworking V-2 Nazi rocket past; time for systematic development Soviet ICBM1948 February, Klaus Fuchs meets Feklisov in London1948 London XIV Summer Olympics resume after WWII (Soviet Union sends observers)1948 lateVenona Project cracks enough Soviet code to start reading words.1948 18 June, Soviets begin economic blockade of Westerns zones of Berlin1948 21 June, US, Britain, France begin Berlin airlift1948 July, CIA Director memo "the earliest date by which it is remotely possible that the USSR May, have completed its first atomic bomb is mid-1950...more probable date mid-19531949 29 August, USSR tests its first atomic bomb at special site in Kazakhstan 1949 September, US 'sniffer planes'detect unusual radiation1949 23 September, President Truman announces "We have evidence that within recent weeks an Atomic explosion occurred in the USSR."1949 18 October, Second Soviet atomic test1949 Mao proclaims Communist victory in China; People's Republic of China proclaimed1950 21 January, Alger Hiss convicted of perjury for denying he passed secret documents to Communist agent .1950 22 January, Stalin in meeting with Mao asks PRC to set up a joint global network of espionage agents among Chinese living abroad.1950 2 February, Klaus Fuchs arrested in Britain; confesses to atomic spying.1950 9 February, Senator Joseph McCarthy (R-Wisc) says he has list of 205 members of the Communist party in the State Dept.1950 February, spy hunt, commie hunt mania envelopes FBI and nation1950 March, Cohens receive message to lay low and prepare to defect1950 April, Stalin backs North Korean invasion of South Korea1950 22 May, Fuch courier, Harry Gold confesses; later names David Greenglass as a contact.1950 15 June, Greenglass names his brother-in-law Julius Rosenberg as the man who recruited him to spy for the Soviet Union.1950 16 June, FBI interviews Rosenberg for the first time. Member of Rosenberg electronic spy ring, Joel Barr disappears in Paris (goes to Czechoslovkia, later settles in Soviet Union)1950 25 June, North Korean army, equipped by Soviet Union crosses 38th parallel; invasion marks start of Korean war.1950 end of June, Cohens ordered to leave the country; they make up a 'cover' story about moving to California - trek across ten or more countries arrive in Moscow November, 1950.1951 31 January, Federal Grand Jury indites Rosenbergs, David Greenglass.1951 6 March, Rosenberg trial begins end 29 March, Guilty1951 5 April, Judge Kaufman imposes death sentence on Rosenbergs; appeals follow.1951 Cohens go to tradecraft school in Poland 1952 16 January, Soviet government orders foreign diplomats and journalists restricted to staying within 25 miles of Kremlin; bars them from 22 cities.1952 Helsinki XV Summer Olympic Games Soviet Union Participates for First Time1952 October, 19th CP congress drops term "Bolshevik" from party title.1953 5 March, Stalin dies. Georgii Malenkov succeeds him.1953 19 June, Rosenbergs executed at Sing Sing Prison.1953 Lavrenty Beria, secret police and atomic bomb project chief loses Kremlin power struggle; arrested; found guilty of crimes against USSR shot 23 December.1953 13 September, Nikita Khrushchev takes over as CPSU leader.1954 Korolev authorized to construct R-7 rocket for ICBM duty.1954 Soviet Union defeats Canada 7-2 in World Hockey Championships1951-57 Cohen perform unspecified tasks for KGB behind Iron Curtain and elsewhere (Japan, Hong Kong) including training "illegal" in how to behave like Americans.1955 14 May, Warsaw Pact formed (USSR, Albania, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Poland, Romania)1956 14-25 February, 20th Congress CPSU in secret speech Khrushchev reports & condemns excesses of Stalin's rule.1956 Moscow First Artificial hockey rink built.1956 28 March, Pravda denounces abuses of power by Stalin during his latter years.1956 30 June, Lenin's Last Testament (1924) published for first time.1956 Melbourne XVI Olympic Games1956 23 October, Hungarians demonstrate against Soviet troops in their country and puppet Soviet Hungarian government. Start of Hungarian revolt. Radio Free Europe encourages uprising. Soviets eventually send in tanks and troops in November.1957? Cohens settle in North London suburb as Australian couple Peter and Helen Kroger.1957 19 April, Khrushchev government officially rehabilitates Korolev (of Stalin era) "crimes"1957 21 August, Soviet Union successfully launches world's first ICBM - Korolev's R-7 rocket with dummy warhead goes from Baykonur to Kamchatka 4,000 miles.1957 US, Canada boycott World Hockey Championships in Moscow to protest Soviet invasion of Hungary.1957 4 October, SPUTNIK-1 launched1957 6 October, Pravda banner headline "World's First Artificial Earth Satellite-Created in Soviet Nation."19